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Saheli Natural Mehandi Cone

Filled with Rich Rajasthani Henna and essential oils

Either its a wedding, a festival or any event, use our Saheli Mehandi Cone to decorate your soft skin with our pure and gentle henna paste containing the fragrance of Nilgiri and goodness of cloves. Completely natural and ready to use.

Size - 30g per cone

Ingredients: Sojat Henna Powder, Distilled Water, Clove oil, Eucalyptus oil, Benzyl Alcohol, terpineol & allowed preservatives.

How to Use: Open the box and take a Cone out. Wash the surface with water on which you want to apply Saheli Mehandi cone and use a dry cloth to dry it. Remove the pin from Saheli Mehandi Cone and Start designing on the surface. After completion let it dry. Apply Lemon juice on it to get darker stains. Remove the dry Henna after 6 hours. Now show the Henna off to the people!

Shelf Life: 4-8 weeks ( however, putting Saheli Mehandi Cone in Refrigerator or cool environment can make them last longer)

Note - Although, all the Ingredients are 100% Natural and are approved by FDA, the user should perform A patch test before using.

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