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Rajasthani Henna

Body Art Quality - BAQ

Every Leaf of our farm henna is handpicked after keen observance to give you the best. Then it is brought to our processing plant. Tests are performed, every batch has to pass our quality compliance to get processed in our plant. Raw Leaves gets cleaned, crushed and then powdered with care. Then the ready powder is then shifted with 2 specially made machines and finally with hands. The packaging is done and delivered to you with love.

Henna is permanent dye for your hair, and is low in maintenance, a damage-free alternative to colouring your hair red! Henna also has many benefits, including thickening the hair strand, strengthening and conditioning the hair, and promoting a healthier scalp.  Henna also gets rid of dandruff and is good for getting rid of lice and ringworm as well.  Interesting, right?

Scientifically Best

Lawsone Content Above 2.5

Large trade capacity

Stock as much demand

Special BAQ Bridal quality available.

5 times shifted for less grains

OEM and ODM available

Any Size or packaging.

Worldwide Shipping

How We Operate

Customer Satisfaction


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