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Saheli Mehandi Products

Quality Guaranteed.

Saheli: Products
Saheli Natural Sojat Mahendi Powder.jpg

Saheli Natural Mehandi Powder

100% Organic Sojat Henna Powder

Saheli Herbal Henna powder by Deepak Industries.jpg

Saheli Herbal Henna Powder

Quality Henna + Himalayan Herbs = Awesome Hair.

Saheli Black henna kali mehandi by deepak industries.jpg

Saheli Black Henna powder

Why chose dye when you have henna.

Saheli Mehandi Cone by Deepak Industries Sojat Henna.jpg

Saheli Natural Mehandi Cones

Premium Mehandi Cones

Saheli mehandi Henna based hair color.png

Saheli Henna Based Hair colors

Natural Black, Shiny Brown & Ravishing Burgundy.

Saheli Mehandi Herbal Henna by Deepak Industries.jpg

Saheli Herbal Henna Exotic Blend

Top Seller

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