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USDA and India Organic Cerified
Herbs & Botanicals

Deepak Industries is an Organic Henna, Herbs and Hair colour processor. Certified on the standards of the United States Department of Agriculture (USA) and The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (India), We can supply Sustainability grown USDA Certified Henna, Indigo, Cassia, Amla, Aritha etc in Whole, TBC or Powder form.

Organic: Products
USDA organic hair color - Natural hair d

USDA Organic Herbal Hair colors

Colors from Nature.

From the various exotic herbs availible in Nature, we have curated dome Organic Hair colors for you. No chemicals, No pesticides, No heavy metals, an absolute boon from Mother nature.

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USDA Organic herbs Amla, Aritha shikakai

USDA Organic Herbs

Pure and Best from India

From the various parts of India, we have gathered you the best Herbs that have miraculous capabilities. Everything available in Whole, Tea bag Cut and Powder.

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USDA Organic Senna

Senna Leaves, Pods, Stem & Powder

Cassia Angustifolia is a great Natural obtained plant Laxative. Procured from Farms of Phalodi.

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USDA organic Cassia auriculata neutral h

USDA Organic Cassia

Cassia Auriculata - Neutral Henna

Cassia Auriculata is a plant grown in forests of Northern India. We have wild collection teams which supply us with the best cassia leaves. Contains all goodness of henna but without color.

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USDA Organic Indigo

From the farms of Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu

We have tie ups with trusted suppliers who supply us with tested organic Indigo leaves with best IndigoTin content.

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USDA Organic Henna

Best from Sojat

Organic Henna: We have our Own USDA certified Henna farms where we grow and Harvest Henna crop sustainably.

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