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Natural Mehandi Powder

100% Henna (Mehandi) Powder

Straight from the farms when the leaves reach our factories, gets cleaned, crushed, powdered and filtered by our workers taking several days to get you the best and unadulterated Henna, the popular- "Saheli Natural Mehandi". Can be used anywhere, from the skin to hair, leaving a remember-able fragrance and a cooling effect.

Size - 500g  

Ingredients: 100% Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder.

How to Use: Open the Saheli Natural Mehandi Powder Pouch and Mix the desired quantity with 2 times the water. Mix it well and let the paste soak the water for an hour. Apply the paste on the hair. After an hour, wash your hair or apply the paste on the skin and let it dry. For better results mix the paste with essential oils and lemon juice.

Best before - 24 months

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